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Buddhist meditation group  Yi Gah Chö Dzong

You have to learn
To catch the present moment.
Do not sneak  away
Do not escape
From your wrong notions
About  the past and the present.
Keep your mind concentrated
With sharp awareness  in this moment.
It is here we are.
There is no other place.

Drukpa Rinpoche

We are now organizing two retreats per year, one in Sweden and one in Germany to practice the teaching of the Buddha along the guidelines given by Ven. Tao Wei Kwong Wu, Ven. Lama Govinda and his Dharma- heir Ven. Advayavajra.  The practise lies within the framework of Mahayana-Buddhism. The name Yi Gah Chö Dzong is Tibetan and it means: The Dharma fortress of the happy mind. Even if the name is Tibetan we should look at the Buddhist teaching as a whole and be aware of its historical development. The basics of Buddhism as a foundation stone and the Bodhisattvaideal as a clear light on the path – this is very important to us as well as men and women receiving the same training.

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The Buddha himself taught in many different ways adapting to the understanding of his audience. All real teachers of Dharma – the way of the Buddha – have used that method. Therefore we have chosen to name this home-page Buddha Ways.

The practice involves even a ceremony (puja) that belongs to the Vajrayana-tradition. It is not just a veneration of the Buddha and the Buddhist tradition, instead it mirrors significant parts of the Buddha’s teaching. Quiet sitting meditation  sharpens our awareness and the tantric ceremony might help us to open our heart.

Ven. Lam Govinda  followed the direction given to him by his Tibetan root-lama, Ven. Tomo Geshe Rinpoche. He put great emphasis on a Buddhist practice around Buddha Maitreya, the next Buddha to be. It is important to look forward and open up instead of only looking back to past times within Buddhist history.  The teaching of the Buddha has been interpreted and developed during 2500 years. Ven. Lama Govinda’s and Ven. Advayavajra’s interpretations are one of many possibilities.  We are convinced the different schools of Buddhism represent just one Dharma (path). A diamond has many facets and so it is with the path of the Buddha.

The group is led by Dharmavajra who started on the path of meditation 1970 and has practiced the teaching of the Buddha since 1981. Dharmavajra has received personal instructions by Ven. Tao Wei Kwong Wu in Sweden, a monk within the Chinese Tient-tai tradition. After his death  Dharmavajra continued to receive training and personal instructions  by Ven. Advayavajra during 19 years.

A home-page is never completely ready.  It is the aim that most of the information will be given in English and Swedish.  The readers of this homepage are most welcome with their comments.